Bedrahtete 0201 smd LEDs

pre-wired 0201 smd LEDs

pre-wired smd LEDs

In recent years, light-emitting diodes have been increasingly used instead of normal light bulbs. Apart from the longer life span of the LEDs, the advantage is the low power consumption and the low heating during operation. 5 mm light emitting diodes can be soldered by oneself, but when processing SMD diodes, one quickly reaches the limits of the "art of soldering" - especially since the SMD components do not have any connecting wires. We offer you here SMD light emitting diodes contacted with enamelled copper wire. They are easy to solder in this form and can therefore be processed even by laymen without any problems.

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Wired smd LEDs are all handmade, which means the wires are soldered on by real people according to your wishes when you place your order. We wire our LEDs in Germany. Due to the Corona crisis and the required distance rules, our staff is currently still working in a home office, so our office is not always fully staffed. If necessary, we may not be able to answer phone calls right away because of this.


Our remarks to the 0201 smd LEDs:

The LEDs have a size of 0.3 mm * 0.6 mm. This is about the size of a grain of salt, a grain of rice is huge in comparison.
To process the LEDs safely, you absolutely need!!! optical equipment, magnifying glass, magnifying lamp, webcam and screen or similar at least with a magnification between 5 times and 10 times and an extremely steady hand! In addition, soldering iron, tweezers and other tools should be accordingly filigree. Tools from the large tinkering box are rather less suitable there. If these requirements are not 100% met, we do not recommend you to purchase the 0201 LEDs, because the desired sense of achievement in building will not occur.
In most cases, you can also use the 0402 smd LEDs (1mm * 0.5 mm) up to track Z down. These are still extremely small, but better to work with, although also for this size what was said above about tools applies 110%.
If you still want to take on the challenge of 0201 smd LEDs, we strongly recommend that you start with a pack of 10 LEDs first. This will allow you to find out if you can handle the LEDs.

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Rectifier board - for AC transformers

img 9358

Input voltage: up to 18V AC

Output voltage: up to 25V, current: up to 100 mA

Ideal if you want to operate e.g.: our self-flashing LEDs, which require constant DC voltage, on your AC transformer.

NEW component to replace the series resistors for LEDs

img 9219



Ideal for replacing series resistors in light emitting diodes. Advantage, the brightness of the LEDs is largely
constant even with varying supply voltage.

Minimum input voltage 10 V, maximum input voltage 30 V - 40 V DC,
for AC voltage only limited use.

Available fixed currents: 5 mA, 10 mA, 15 mA, 20 mA. Other values on request !

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The Scania is in scale 1:120 and drives RC controlled

Ambulance in N from Rietze



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